About Us


Founded in Aug 2017, The Ellie Box is a monthly delivery box for parents who want to discover non-toxic, organic, natural and unique products for themselves, their babies and their homes. We offer specially curated monthly boxes tailored to babies & toddlers 0-24months, hand-picked for each child's age, gender and developmental stage. Each month, our subscribers unveil delightful discoveries of organic and Eco-Friendly products for mum & baby. We work with other mumprenuers to have their products featured in our box because mum knows best. :) Did we mention The Ellie Boxes make excellent gifts for baby showers & birthdays?
We are distributor to Lovekins, an Australian all-natural baby skincare brand suitable for the most delicate skin. Lovekins contains no harsh chemicals. It’s made with potent medicinal plants and other superfood ingredients. It’s 100% natural and 100% Australian.
We are also proud to carry Little Green Radicals, an award-winning UK brand. When you buy a Little Green Radicals piece, you will be buying a 100% organic product where no harmful chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, formaldehyde or dangerous dyes are used. This means our clothes are softer and better for babies and kids particularly those with allergies or eczema. Finally, because our cotton has not been broken down with chemicals, our clothing will last much longer and always wash incredibly well.
As a social enterprise, we made long term commitments to improve lives of the less fortunates. For every apparel or skincare product purchased, we will contribute 1 piece of apparel to the low income families.
While we continue to evolve and improve to meet your needs as a consumer, our mission remains the same - to be a part of your little ones' early years by making daily life safer, more convenient and more fun!


The Ellie Box - Bringing love & happiness to the little ones.